Best Performance rebrands as Elastik

Best Performance rebrands as Elastik

Today, Best Performance announced a realignment of their product set and will be rebranding their product across Australia in order to more accurately reflect the reality of what they do and the services that they provide.  

Elastik has big global ambitions to support teachers around the world to improve student outcomes, ensuring that no student is left behind. Having successfully launched in the UK in 2022 and with negotiations also taking place in other territories, the Elastik brand is going from strength to strength and the aim is to capitalise on that, for all customers, by aligning the Australian brands.

Jeremy Waters, CEO of Elastik said

‘”We were delighted with the launch of the Elastik brand in the UK and have received extremely positive feedback. As a result, we really believe that consolidating our brands now will allow us to communicate with our customers more effectively and with greater clarity and it will benefit all our customers in the future to be part of a successful global education brand.”

Elastik backed up their successful launch in the UK with a shortlist for the UK’s pre-eminent education awards, the BETT Awards, in their first year of applying.