Create time to teach:
Elastik doesn’t just save time.
It creates time.

Teaching is a calling. But the joy of seeing young people develop and thrive is being increasingly overshadowed by the administrative burden.

Research by the University of Sydney shows that teachers work an average of 54 hours a week during the term and often need to put in time during their holidays to cope with the demands. Elastik creates time for teachers by automating several fundamental tasks and providing them with the information they need without putting in hours to find it.

Elastik assesses students, identifies gaps in learning, then provides lessons guides and content to bridge them.

It sets tests, marks the work, and identifies the problem areas in real-time.

Elastik automates administration and analytics, freeing teachers to be experts in teaching, not data analysis or literacy.

Teachers become more creative, more spontaneous, and can understand the needs of individual students.

Elastik empowers teachers to become self-sufficient, using their data to inform their teaching time. Its dashboard is easy to use, even for non-techies. Teachers can choose to drill further into the data to discover more.

“…they can actually concentrate on teaching the children… rather than spending their time figuring out what the gaps are.”

Louise O’Donovan, Principal, Beeliar Primary School, Western Australia

“Life before Elastik was clunky, it was messy and it was very time consuming.”

Rebecca Hartman, Principal, Jolimont Primary School – Perth, Western Australia

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