Elastik in Action

Watch the Elastik in action video here. 


How does Elastik help schools manage today’s challenges?

Elastik has been working with St Monica’s Primary School in Liverpool, UK.

St Monica’s are committed to improving outcomes for all their students and Head Teacher Paul Kinsella believes that Elastik is one of the most innovative online assessment tools he’s seen in 25 years of teaching.

This is what Paul and year 6 teacher Lisa McGiveron shared about working with Elastik: Elastik in action.

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Here is the transcript of the video:

Paul Kinsella: Elastik as an assessment tool – an online assessment tool – was presented to me and immediately what I rated about it was its accessibility, its ability to inform and then it’s ability to empower teaching..

Lisa McGiveron: It’s very good for me as a teacher because it was so easy for the children to use. They had no issues logging in and completing the assessments. They went in on the computer, no problems at all.

Paul: Their big catchphrase is “big trouble, big trouble”.

Lisa: The ‘big bubble, big trouble’ that was really helpful for me as a teacher because instantly on my data feedback, I could see where the children struggled, what areas that they were having difficulty with. So for example, if it was fractions, I could see they couldn’t add or subtract fractions. So straight away I knew – oh that can be a lesson that I can really zone in on. And also it showed me the bubbles where they didn’t have any difficulty with.

Paul: Time constraints and time limitations are probably the biggest issue in teaching.

Lisa: I think Elastik really supports me as a teacher because it helps me with my time management. I don’t have to spend a lot of time really trying to see what areas they’re struggling with. It’s instantaneously for me, I have it there at my fingertips. I’m able to go into Elastik  and see they’re struggling with this area – I need to plan lessons around this area. I need to help and support them, consolidate their learning in that area. So it helps me a lot with that time management issue.

Paul: I think the best thing Elastik  will give them is time. Time and freedom to create as teachers.

Lisa: And I think it has the potential to really help us this year in terms of what we need to catch the children up on. And that would have been a huge, huge undertaking without some kind of support and especially the support we’ve been able to gain from Elastik.

Paul: I think Elastik is the most user friendly and accessible facility I’ve seen – certainly in terms of online assessments – in my career.

Do get in touch to see how Elastik can help your school.  You can book a demo here.