Make time for effective, focused teaching and interventions.

Our analysis of tens of thousands of student performance assessments has shown that gaps in learning are at the root of most learning difficulties.

Elastik takes away the guesswork in the classroom, making teachers super effective in bridging the unidentified gaps in learning and measuring progress. It saves time by reducing the administrative burden, empowering you to do what you love to do best: stretch children to help them thrive.

Uncovering the power of Elastik for teachers.

Elastik will give you:

  • An in-depth analysis of your individual students, classes or cohorts.
  • ‘Bubble’ graphics to help you easily see the learning gaps – at question level.
  • Lesson guides to save you time and help you bridge those gaps easily.
  • Bespoke gap reviews that let you check understanding before moving on.
  • More time to teach. Spend less time on non-teaching tasks like planning and marking and have a better understanding of where you can more effectively focus your teaching.

With Elastik you can chat to a real person who understands the challenges of teaching and can help you use the platform to target your specific needs. 

Elastik is tied to the national curriculum in…

How does it work?

Identifying and managing learning gaps

Saves teachers time

Automated marking

Teacher testimonials

“It enables us to analyse gaps in student learning... to case manage, effectively, our students.”

Ashley Mottershead, Principal

“The bubble display is a great graphic – and the intervention/mini-test to shrink the bubble is a great tool for targeting learning and improving outcomes for children.”

Mr Low, Assistant Head Teacher

“Elastik really supports me as a teacher, because it helps me with my time management... I have it there at my fingertips.”

Lisa MacGiveron, Year 6 teacher

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