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Fears, concerns, and barriers.

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People think it’s going to take a lot of time to implement. “Not another tiring process”. Schools are always crying poverty with no money to invest.

Underlying fear that the technology will replace the teacher, which is a false narrative. Why should we give this Oz company the time of day? Do you understand us? Do you realise how little funding we have? Are you a fly-by-night? Too much technology going into schools that doesn’t do the jobs. Big grants etc.

We’re different

We understand the need for human connection with schools and are prepared to work alongside the tech to ensure that the schools needs are met.

Elastik uses algorithms to identify problems in writing skills.

It is a school administration tool and a student data tracking all in one coordinated platform.

Easy to manage. The school will not have to deal with multiple suppliers, and they usually don’t have an inhouse IT function.

The ability to mark on behalf of the teacher through a rubric and then identify what lessons need to be aligned to the students’ needs, all in a matter of seconds after the student has completed the work.

Unique ability to integrate data, assessments, learning content and the machine learning engine.

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