Personalised learning - how Elastik can help your international school to stand out.

Personalised learning – how Elastik can help your international school to stand out.

Personalised learning – where teachers really understand each child they work with – is important in any school. The human connection between teacher and student is crucial to learning, helping students trust their teachers, helping teachers inspire their students.

For an international school with a culturally and linguistically diverse intake of students, and high academic expectations, this is particularly important. An effective approach is to create a supportive learning environment in which teachers understand each child as an individual.

Assessment platforms, such as Elastik, are part of their toolkit. Elastik provides smart, realtime data which allows teachers to see the specific concepts that their students are struggling with. This can be particularly useful with a new intake of students, giving teachers much needed certainty about the exact learning gaps, particularly in classes with variable levels of comfort in using English Language for learning.

Lesson guides are linked to each concept, making it easy to tailor the teaching to the needs of the child.  Children will develop at different paces, so teachers can easily run a gap review to measure their progress. This allows those students who have grasped the concept to move forward, while tailored support can be provided to those who need it.

Deeper insights aren’t the only way that Elastik can benefit International Schools. Administration and data analysis are taken care of with cutting-edge technology and AI, so teachers have more time and headspace for the most important part of their job – building relationships with the children in their class and developing rich learning experiences that support their personal and academic growth.

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