Elastik - designed by teachers for teachers to change the way you teach, and the way students learn.

Elastik is a revolutionary new platform that empowers teachers to pinpoint and address unidentified gaps in their students' learning in Maths, English and Science. It saves time by reducing the administrative burden, freeing teachers to do what they do best: stretch children to help them thrive.

Elastik at a glance...

Identify gaps in learning
Identify gaps in learning

Elastik covers Maths, English and Science and matches assessment data to curriculum for NAPLAN and PAT – would also and many other curriculum linked assessments.

Bridge gaps in learning
Bridge gaps in learning

Elastik gives you gap-bridging lesson guides and classroom content from current and past years.

Create progress assessments
Create progress assessments

Elastik helps you to create bespoke assessments to see how the individual or group is progressing.

Rediscover the joy of teaching
Rediscover the joy of teaching

Elastik dramatically reduces the administrative burden - creating time for teachers to teach.

Lean on us
Lean on us

Elastik provides you and your school with expert assistance every step of the way.

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