Elastik empowers teachers to engage with data in meaningful ways.

Elastik uses technology to support teachers. It gives them time to focus on human connections and empowers them through a deeper understanding of their pupils.

Elastik was conceived by teachers for teachers and designed around their needs. The technology is not prescriptive: flexibility is built in at every stage. Nor does it 'create time' by reducing the teacher's involvement. It enhances involvement and the human connection.

teachers identifying learning gaps through the Elastik platform.

Elastik is different.
It combines the excellence of cutting-edge technology with hands-on support and guidance from experienced teachers who know their way around the platform.

Only Elastik uses AI to provide teachers with real-time feedback on English language assessments.

Remote learning through the pandemic has been different for every student. The problem for teachers is knowing where to begin. Insights from Elastik enable teachers to prioritise and plan. So they can make the biggest impact in the shortest time.

“Elastik really supports me as a teacher, because it helps me with my time management... I have it there at my fingertips.”

Lisa MacGiveron, Year 6 teacher

“Just so easy and so effective for educators to use straightaway.”

Rebecca Hartman, Principal

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