Identifying and bridging gaps:
you can’t build on shaky foundations.

Our analysis of tens of thousands of student performance assessments has shown that gaps in learning are at the root of most learning difficulties. These form when children move on before fully understanding a concept.

When students fail to fully grasp earlier or previous concepts an essential building block is missing, and the student will struggle. It takes quality time and effort for a teacher to identify gaps across an entire class and then prepare appropriate lessons to help individuals or groups progress. So how does Elastik do this?

Identifying learning gaps for more than

100 K


Elastik triangulates your assessment data, giving you insights into every one of your students. Immediately.

You don’t need to know about data or analytics.
You’ll see the results on your dashboard as easy to understand graphics.

Elastik matches your assessment data to the curriculum, question by question, from Key Stages 1-3 so it is easy to find the root of the problem.

“We use Elastik to identify students at educational risk.”

Rebecca Hartman, Principal

“It enables us to analyse gaps in student learning… to case manage, effectively, our students.”

Ashley Motterhead, Principal

As easy as,
bouncing a ball…

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