Writemark analysing handwritten text and converting to typed text.

Handwriting recognition using artificial intelligence

Alex Oselton, March 2024

As we approach the end of Term 1, we have released our biggest update to Writemark.

Handwriting recognition has gone through a meticulous pilot phase with several elastik schools to help us test, fine-tune and optimise the technology. We are pleased to announce the pilot phase has now finished and the new update is rolling out to ALL elastik schools.


Mark any type of written response.


This update allows Writemark to seamlessly mark and feedback on any type of writing response, providing you with contextual feedback mapped to the NAPLAN rubric.

On top of the administrative tasks of marking responses and providing individual feedback, Writemark takes this data, analyses it and highlights gaps and suggests progression topics in your students’ written skill.



❓ Are historical assessments impacted?

Please access our Professional Development hub for the two sessions we have planned to walk you through this update.

❓ Are you required to use a template?

In order to provide Writemark with the best opportunity to provide a match to the student and an accurate assessment we recommend the template provided. All files must also be loaded in .pdf format.

❓ Are there any limitations?

To provide an accurate assessment, Writemark needs to be able to read the handwriting, therefore if it is not on a template and/or handwriting is faint or illegible it will be difficult for Writemark to recognise and provide an accurate assessment. We also recommend a minimum of 100 words.

❓ Is additional support available?

You can access our Help Guides at any time. If you still require support outside of these, you can email support@elastik.com or contact you school development manager directly.

Writemark has marked over 87,000 written responses in 2024. Get your chance to see it now.