NAPLAN writing prompts generated by AI

Alex Oselton, March 2024

This is potentially our most packed termly update yet! We have had so many optimisations to both elastik and Writemark that we really did struggle to get this into one communication!

Let’s jump straight into how we have continued to add value to the elastik portfolio.


Writing prompts created using artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence embedded in the Writemark platform can now be used to bring your own prompt ideas to life.

If you have a persuasive or narrative prompt idea in mind, you can use Writemark to generate the image and text for the prompt and stimuli.

There is lots of excitement within elastik to bring these updates to Writemark. The updates mean elastik schools can offer their student’s creative and innovative NAPLAN writing stimuli.


The new curriculum on elastik. 


We have been successful in mapping our content, lesson guides and review questions to ACVersion 9 within elastik.

Important reminders

  • For all elastik schools in: Western AustraliaNorthern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland – your elastik content will default to AC9 from today (Wednesday 28th February 2024).
  • For all elastik schools in Victoria, you will also default to VC2 from today (Wednesday 28th February 2024).
  • VC1 will remain for Science (VC2 has not been released yet).
  • For Victorian schools that would like to continue with the current AC codes they have, please contact and we will return to the current version.


Adding new students. 

All current Coordinators in elastik will now have access to the self-service functionality to add new students to their school. If you are limited to ‘Educator’ access within elastik, please speak with your elastik Coordinator to add any new students to your school.


2024 so far…


We’re almost 3 months into the New Year and we’re really pleased to hear the positive feedback on our EdTech Professional Development series.

  • We have had over 1,000 registrants for our sessions in Term 1
  • We have delivered more than 10 hours of professional development in the first 7 weeks of 2024.

Don’t forget, you can sign up to future sessions here. By attending our sessions, you will also receive a downloadable certificate of attendance to use as evidence of CPD hours.