Children sat on the back row of a classroom.

Safer Internet Day 2024

Alex Oselton, February 2024

Safer Internet Day is a reminder to us in education that the devices and mediums we use to support ourselves, and our students, have many risks.

Exercising caution while doing anything online is also not just relevant for Safer Internet Day, it is relevant to every day.


Keeping safe online


As an EdTech platform, we want to make sure we are supporting the teaching community as much as possible when it comes to safe internet practices.


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So, what is Safer Internet Day?

The day is entirely dedicated to promote responsible, safe and positive use of the internet for children of all ages.

The day was created to begin the global conversation about how dangerous the internet can be but also how productive and positive the internet can be.

Some ideas you may want to consider reminding your student’s of are:

1. Cyberbullying

2. Cybersecurity

3. Online communication

4. Online safety

In this age of intelligent machine learning and social media platforms, we need to make sure our children are educated and informed of the dangers that the internet poses.

Our resource starts with the basic pillars of consideration for a more cautious approach to internet safety. Feel free to download, use and share.