Teachers Under Pressure

Watch the video here. 

Teachers face a myriad of pressures every day.

Some of the issues have always been there – others seem to be developing fast.

The workload feels overwhelming. All teachers want to do is teach and support their students – but their evenings and weekends are packed with marking and preparing lessons.  It’s a constant pressure.

And the pandemic has increased, too, the problem of learning gaps – already a real and growing pressure prior to 2020. 

Children in Australia have missed school through sickeness, closures and teacher absences. 

Every child was affected, but each one had a different experience. Some had very little time out of school, others had structure and support at home and were able to continue to learn with only minimal disruption. However, for some children, very little learning was possible either because of lack of resources, lack of structure or simply from the emotional impact of living through a pandemic which meant they weren’t able to engage.

Teachers would love to be able to target these gaps but they are over-stretched and under resourced 

Which is where Elastik can offer support.

The intuitive Elastik platform – created by teachers for teachers – has been supporting educators for over 10 years and is specifically designed to target learning gaps.  Giving overwhelmed teachers the help they need.

Elastik gives teachers the tools to identify and manage learning gaps, saving them time and effort. It’s simple to set up and use as it is teacher-led, not technology-led.

Elastik identifies the gaps and supports teachers to remedy those gaps.

Here is Elastik founder and CEO Jeremy Waters talking about the platform. 

Do get in touch to see how Elastik can help your school.  You can book a demo here