Empower your teachers to do what they love to do best.

Elastik takes away the guesswork in the classroom, making teachers super effective in bridging the unidentified gaps in learning and measuring progress. It saves time by reducing the administrative burden, empowering teachers to do what they love to do best: stretch children to help them thrive.

Currently unleashing potential in over


schools globally.

Elastik is tied to the national curriculum in …
Elastik at a glance. Everything you need in an EdTech platform.

With Elastik you can:

  • Automatically analyse multiple assessments for your class or school.
  • View ‘bubble’ graphics to see the learning gaps – so you can prioritise your time.
  • Access lesson guides to support you in bridging those gaps.
  • Create bespoke assessments to check understanding before moving on.
  • Use technology to automate administration AND provide detailed, individual feedback on every child.

With Elastik you can chat to a real person who understands the challenges of teaching, and can help you use the platform to target your specific needs. 

Why not pilot Elastik in your school and see the impact on NAPLAN and PAT results and teacher and student morale? 

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