We believe that every child has a right to progress.

As a teacher (married to a teacher and from a family of teachers), Jeremy Waters knew only too well that teachers were struggling to cope with an ever-increasing administrative burden.

Discussions with hundreds of teachers and leadership teams, supported by performance data, showed that unidentified gaps in student learning was the single biggest stumbling block for students. Working with the team since 2015, Elastik was rolled out across Australia and is now in over 500 schools. This was followed by alignment to the UK curriculum and launch in October 2021.

Our people

Elastik. Designed by teachers for teachers to produce brilliant results.

Jeremy Waters
Jeremy Waters
CEO / Founder

With over 20 years of leadership experience in schools and educational organisations, Jeremy has extensive knowledge in product development and school performance improvement.
Stephen Burton
Stephen Burton
Chief Technology Officer

Stephen has over twenty years of experience in systems roles across the United Kingdom and Australia within banking, finance and EdTech sectors. He is passionate about data driven insights and in delivering exceptional customer experiences through continuous product improvement.

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