Real-time marking and feedback with Writemark

Writemark is responsibly harnessing the power of AI for hundreds of schools globally. At the forefront of real-time marking and feedback, Writemark provides real-time grading against the NAPLAN writing rubric. Teachers save time, in the blink of an AI.

What benefits would Writemark bring to you?

  • Fast, accurate automated marking

    You will have more freedom to choose how you spend your time. Administrative tasks take time and while you are the best judge of how to use that time, Writemark can be used to help give you back control of marking English NAPLAN responses.

  • Mark and feedback on any format

    Sometimes, using a computer/device is not always the best medium for every student and this shouldn’t limit how you mark and feedback for them. Upload handwritten responses onto Writemark to be marked just the same as if the response was digitally submitted.

  • Powered by responsible artificial intelligence (and teachers!)

    Writemark is informed by thousands of student essays and texts. Essays from across our network fuel the neural networks in Writemark to allow it to continually learn and improve. 

  • Huge time saving impact

    The time saving is huge – Writemark marks responses in real-time to drastically reduce the time you spend marking and feedback. Once marked, you retain the right to adjust that mark for final release to each student.

  • Instant insights support more effective and focused teaching.

    Powerful insights are available for you at the touch of a button. For example, did the whole class struggle with paragraphing? Find out in real time and fill the gap quicker to make sure no student is left behind.

Discover the power of Writemark

Automatic Marking

Immediate feedback, in any setting, replacing manual marking with real-time marking.

Personalised Feedback

Tailored, contextual, feedback for each student per response. Skills gaps are highlighted and presented to teachers. 

Personalised Feed-forward

Feed-forward learning gap suggestions for each student based on the skills gaps identified by Writemark.

Handwritten Uploads

BRAND-NEW! Upload student handwritten responses using ‘drag and drop’ to be analysed the same as digital responses.

Family Information

Curriculum-aligned Rubric

Responses are marked according to the 10 dimensions of the NAPLAN rubric for maximum consistency.

Personal Information

Custom Writing Prompts

Want to add your own scenarios and make it your own? Make Writemark yours with custom prompts.

Mathematics & English

Adaptive Algorithm

Informed by thousands of responses from across our network. The more it is used, the more accurate it becomes.


Powered by AI

A trusted partner of Faculty, Writemark uses the latest artificial intelligence coupled with in-house optimisations.

You choose what to share

Marking Accuracy

Marking one response or a class, each entry is marked with the same degree of accuracy and consistency. 

Writemark and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is often the elephant in the (class) room.

  • How capable is AI?
  • What can it be used for?
  • What is it monitoring?

Artificial intelligence is a field that combines computer science and rapid triangulation of large data sets to solve problems. Artificial intelligence can also be used to generate answers or solutions to the problems it solves.

By using artificial intelligence, Writemark is capable of analysing handwritten or digital texts, in real-time, to mark and feedback against the NAPLAN rubric. The platform is a powerful, highly accurate and consistent system that you can use to give you more control of your administrative tasks and teaching time by reducing the time you spend marking a class full of essays at key points in the term. 


So, how does it do it?

You assign writing prompts

Either choose from our list of prompts or create your own. Push the assignment to each student in of your class, intervention group or cohort.

Student's complete the assignment

Once your student's have completed the assignment and submitted it back to you or on the platform, you can begin to see Writmark in action.

Marking in the blink of AI

Marked against the NAPLAN rubric, Writemark will mark your students’ narrative and persuasive work in real-time. As well as an overall mark, you are provided with feedback for each student, specific to their submitted work.

Analyse results and share feedback

Once you are happy, push this feedback to your students. Cross-reference Writemark feedback against the NAPLAN rubric and view detailed analysis of their writing skills for each student.

Download the Writemark brochure

If you would like a takeaway after reading about Writemark then take this and have a read.

Writemark saves me about 6 hours of marking for each writing activity I assign to my classroom. Providing me more time to focus on individual student progression.”

Deputy Head Primary

“Writing can be subjective. Writemark allows our staff to moderate across classrooms and cohorts.”